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CodeWitz Learning Objects - demos

This page presents a collection of different kind of versions of the Learning Objects made by the partners. New example Learning Objects will be added to this page when different solutions are produced by the partners. Each example Learning Object presents a collection of Learning Objects with the same method of implementation.

Learning Object examples by Tampere Polytechnic

Pointers example - Technique : Schockwave
The aim of this simulation is to understand what the pointers mean in the memory and to show the use of pointers.

Nested Loops exercise - Technique: Shockwave
The aim of the exercise is to understand the meaning of conditions in using nested loops.

Learning Object examples by London Metropolitan University

Arrays Learning Object - Technique: Flash
A visualisation of an �array� in Java. The aim is to help the learner relate the surface code to the operations in the memory of the computer.

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