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CodeWitz Learning Objects

Definition of the Codewitz Learning Objects

The Codewitz Learning Objects are interactive visualizations of program code examples or programming tasks. They have been developed to help students to understand programming structures more easily. A Codewitz Learning Object can cover any specific programming problem in any programming language. Learning Objects can also cover the problem-solving logic at the algorithmic level.

A learning object focuses on one specific learning goal. Each learning object has to be independent, without links to other objects or resources. Thus for example, server-side generated web pages are not valid as Codewitz Learning Objects. This independence ensures the real reusability of the learning object.

Technically, the above definition restricts the choices for implementation. At the time of writing, these three suitable techniques are available: Flash, Shockwave and Applets. They allow Codewitz Learning Objects to be developed according to the above definition. Any solution having web-browser capability and the independence from any other technical aid is acceptable. Only browser aids like plug-ins or players are accepted.

Characterization of Codewitz Learning Objects

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