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How to Join

The CodeWitz Network is open to all institutions interested in developing the material bank by joining the work to create new Learning Objects. Depending on the needs of the institution, it is possible to become both a tester and a developer (level 1) or in addition to this, a Learning Object producer (level 2). To become a Network partner, the institution has to sign sign a co-operation and Network agreement of either one of the aforementioned levels.

The agreement for level 1 (testing, developing) entitles the user the access to the CodeWitz Material Bank and creates an obligation to join evaluation and development work. This level is built for the institutions who don't have enough resources to produce Learning Objects by themselves but they are still interested in joining the work. Level 1 is primarily for high school level institutions.

The agreement for level 2 (testing, developing and production) entitles the user the access to the CodeWitz Material Bank and in addition to this also the access to the source code of the Learning Objects. It creates an obligation to evaluation and development and, in addition to this, also to the production of new Learning Objects and distribution of the source code of the produced Learning Objects.

Agreements for both levels obligate contracting parties to share the results, feedback, suggestions and/or observations of testing, development and/or production of the CodeWitz Learning Objects.

The master and network agreements are coordinated and the user environment is maintained by Tampere Polytechnic.

For further information and membership applications, contact the Network coordinator.

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