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Welcome to the CodeWitz Network Web Site

The Goal of the Network

The goal is to plan, produce and evaluate unique illustration, animation and visualization aids for students and teachers of computer programming, who are involved in the field of professional and/or higher education. By reducing complexity in learning computer programming these aids, referred as Learning Objects help the learners to better understand and master, and the teachers to better explain and illustrate the problems connected to the use of basic and advanced structures in computer programming (in other cases you are always welcome to request do my coding assignment help from services like Mycodinghomework ).. The need for the Network is based on the common observation that many students of computer programming encounter in their courses very serious learning-problems. The majority of students often needs coding terminal programming assignment help which is why we are always ready to assist them.

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Material Bank (CMB)

For storing and sharing of resources the Network seeks to develop and implement a material bank platform. It is simply a neutral kernel for storing and sharing resources. The material bank will be accessible for all teaching institutions over the Internet.

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Invitation to Join

Any institutions are invited to join the Network and start using the material bank, which translates in the Network into a collaborative expert network between Network partners to discuss, share and improve pedagogical insights and best practises in teaching of programming. These ideas are the key source for the Learning Object development. When functional, the network is a valuable resource and breeding ground for new innovations and international projects on teaching and learning of programming.

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